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The Bulldog, more commonly known as the English Bulldog or British Bulldog, is a medium-sized heavy dog breed developed by selective breeding in England and other parts of Europe. It’s a muscular, bulky dog with a thick wrinkled face and a prominent, pushed-in, pointed nose. The American Kennel Club, or CKC, oversees genetic breeding records.

The bulldog was initially bred to fight dogs. The bulldogs of yesteryear had larger and heavier dogs to facilitate handling of the larger, heavier packs of hunting dogs. This led to the wrinkled face and pointed nose we know today. In terms of appearance, it is hard to beat the bulldogs of the past — but what are the traits of the modern day bulldog?

The modern day bulldog is an excellent choice for those who want to have a large dog with lots of personality and energy. The American Kennel Club approves of the temperament and conformation of the American bulldog. Bulldogs are very active and live for much of their lives in dens or “forts”. This extended life enables them to be wonderfully social and affectionate toward others. They can be very affectionate toward children, but they are also very suspicious of strangers.

The American Cocker Spaniel dog and the Standard Schnauzer dog are some of the most popular American bulldog breeds. These dogs tend to be very obedient and gentle with people they are trained to be friendly toward. The English Mastiff, Poodle, and the Standard Schnauzer dog tend to be aggressive toward other dogs and are not suitable choices for novice owners who want a watch dog.

Large or medium-sized bulldogs make great pets because they are intelligent and curious. Some of these bulldogs will become lap dogs, playing fetch with water bottles and bringing guests outside to “watch them”. A large or medium-sized bulldog is also known for being good-natured and willing to please.

Many people choose to purchase large bulldogs from breeders who raise them exclusively for profit as show dogs. Breeder dogs often have the best of what a working dog should have. They will have bred dogs that have never been exposed to many people and conditions, making the breeding process much more efficient. These dogs will not have been neglected in their lives and will not have gotten bad temperament traits. Large or medium sized bulldog puppies can prove to be wonderful companions for the right owner.

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