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Elephant is a kind of animal, which is widespread in every country in the world. It is prevalent in almost every Indian state and in many parts of the subcontinent. It is known as the most vulnerable land animal. Elephants are probably the oldest existing land animals. Three species are recognised: the African Bush elephants, the Asian elephant, and the European wild elephant.

The Elephantidae is the largest surviving family of mammals; it is also known as theelephantidae. The name is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘to swell with milk’. It is the second most populous mammal after the human. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful animals; in fact, it has the rarest beautiful body amongst mammals. Its tusk appears to be larger than its trunk; hence the term ‘elephant trunk’.

The Elephant is considered as the most popular travelling mammal; in fact, it is far more famous than the giraffe or the antelope. One of its distinctive features is its long legs, which enable it to walk over sand and loose soil easily. Elephants move slowly over long distances, so they do not require much energy. Elephants have an average lifespan of about fifteen years. They breed during summer, so their litters usually number four. The male’s tusk usually grows three times the size of his body, whilst females usually produce a single tusk.

The Elephant is classified into five subspecies depending on the type of task they have. These are Indian Elephants, South African Elephants, Thai Elephants, Kenyan Elephant, and Philippine-American Elephants. Based on their colours, the Elephant can be classified into the following subspecies:

There are two types of Elephant that inhabit Africa; the Plains Elephant and the bush Elephant. The Elephant is a successful animal in many parts of Africa, including the Khwai and Masai Mara. The Elephant is extremely social and lives in herds. In fact, Elephant herds are large enough to warrant conservation status in certain areas. The Elephant is also an important traveler and can be seen across a range of terrain including open grassland, desert, scrub, tundra, swamps and rivers.

The Elephant is vulnerable to poaching, mainly to ivory. It is vulnerable to habitat loss and encroachment due to agriculture, tourism and roads and railways. Manned elephant herds provide a stable basis for the long-term sustainable management of ecosystems. However, there are areas in which poaching is still a threat, especially near veterinary facilities, wildlife refuges and the central areas of savannas.

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